Friday, October 4, 2013

Breaking Bad

So I finally started watching Breaking Bad yesterday (I know... What the heck took me so long???) So anyways I have just hit season three and I am really enjoying the show so far, but...

During the first season I started thinking why is this show called "Breaking Bad" when there were so many other names that they could have went with, such as...

In the first season alone you see more nude Bryan Cranston than anything else... This is just like Game of ti... Er thrones...

But anyways besides that little detail I am enjoying the show... Though I must say that Walt's wife I do find very annoying... I'm not sure why but I just do... I also don't care for her sister either... I absolutly hate Jesse's mother... Nor do I like Jane (Though I did enjoy the part where you find out Jane's father is Q :3 ) But anyways maybe it is just me but it seems like they went out of their way to make the women in this show annoying :(

But anyways... Though I haven't slept since I started watching this, I must get back to the show... It is very addicting... Like meth I guess but in a good way... Kinda... Ok so meth is bad... Very bad.... Stay far away from it... It is very, very bad... But watching Walt cook meth is good... Ok so I have no real clue how bad meth is but according to Breaking Bad, meth is bad but anyways maybe I should sleep or something before continuing the show.


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