Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snape will make a man out of you

So for some reason I've got a lot of random Disney/Harry Potter things running though my head tonight... I think it may be about time for me to sleep :(

Avada Kedavra

I don't know why but this has been stuck in my head all bloody day so enjoy :3

Creme De Menth Chocolate Brownies

So I found this on facebook on a friends page... I think came from or food network or one of the random cooking sites that has food in the name anyways it looks some what good and I would like to try to make this "Creme De Menth Chocolate Brownies" at some point...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Revenge is sweet :3

So some time ago I was wondering though Goldshire and somehow ended up over Crystal Lake... I saw a random Murloc happen by and I couldn't help remember the unending rage

Sherlock's dead

So anyways the last season of Sherlock ended with Sherlock being dead... yet not dead. So anyways I found this in my tumblr posts...

Mr. Gates... What are you waiting for???

So like I said I've been so bored waiting on my online games to come back up from their weekly maintenance that I've been looking trough a lot of the old things I had up on tumblr.
So anyways... What you waiting for Bill??

Very bored

So very bored... This is how bored I am... currently looking at stuff I posted on tumblr in the past... Found this on my page...

Super Mario 64 DS

So some time ago I was complaining about how Gamefly had skipped over Super Mario 64... well anyways I got it yesterday and well it didn't exactly live up to what I expected :(

Star Trek roommate maybe? Part 2

Ok so a few days ago I posted about how one of my friends asked me about if I could have any one character from Star Trek the original series as a roommate who would I pick... Well around about 2 or so hours ago we had a "follow up" on that question...

Hey guys, two words... chocolate lasagna...

So I found this thing called Chocolate Lasagna time back... anyways I finally found HOW to make it... It looks so freaking good right now :3

Nonna wants T_T

Getting sick sucks but...

Getting sick sucks but what really sucks is feeling much better on game maintenance day :(

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Memory is RAM

Ok so I'm not a wiz with computers. Sure I can often fix simple problems on my own but when things get bad I do have to ask someone for help.

Friday, July 26, 2013

So Next season of Game of Thrones is to air

So randomly wondering around facebook I cam across this picture...

Star Trek roommate maybe?

So earlier today while I was playing my new game I was chatting with a friend though Skype. So anyways our conversations tend to sometimes go a little odd. Anyways she ask me if  I could live with any member of the Enterprise crew from the original series who would it be and why?

So what is this about anyways...

So a friend of mine saw this and asked me exactly what plans I have for this new blog of mine

Well that's shocking

So just finished trying a bit of my new game, then wondered over to World of Warcraft a bit, did a quick little fun run through Naxx for some transmog gear for a guild member...  Run didn't take very long but it was fun going in there. I finally got to finish it after about a year or two so very happy about that. Plus I got some new achievements... Yay!!! ^_^

Anyways after logging off for the night I found this while scrolling through my facebook feed...

Devil Summoner

I'm super excited right now!!!

Sometime ago I ordered Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner from Amazon and it just came in the mail ^_^

Cosplay Is Not Consent (swiped from Anime USA)

 So some time ago I saw this on Anime USA's facebook page. So I though I would post it here incase some missed it on their page... I think this makes a great point. As a female con goer I fully agree with this...

My thoughts on Gamefly

So about a month ago I thought I'd give Gamefly a try. I had heard that they now had this "Unlimited PC play" and I figured what the heck for $15 a month. Since I currently have loads of free time I thought I'd play be playing anything and everything that they had.

Classic Who

So I've been looking around netflix and I discovered they have Classic Who! So I've decided to work on it some and I must say that it is a very big disappointment T_T

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random hellos ^_^

So I guess I've finally decided to do a blog. Anyways I'm kinda new to this... So anyways I guess I should tell you a bit about myself...