Saturday, July 27, 2013

Memory is RAM

Ok so I'm not a wiz with computers. Sure I can often fix simple problems on my own but when things get bad I do have to ask someone for help.

Now the thing is I do know enough to know that memory is RAM.... Sadly though I like to be evil to my computer guy. Every time I talk to him about getting a new machine I like to tell him something around the lines of...

"So I'm looking at this HP laptop, it has 4gb ram and 500gb memory..."

I love watching him lose it he'll go on and on about how RAM and memory are the same things to which I love to argue that they're not until he finally either blows his top and storms off or finally submits and quietly listen to me go on about something I "know nothing about"

I also love to do this when I go shopping for a new computer in my area... I have learned from this that when a store employee thinks they have someone who knows nothing about computers that they can make a killing off them so they will set there and try to throw in so much extra stuff you "need" it isn't even funny...

Example: I was looking at this HP desktop. It was about $700 though... by the time I finished talking to the sales guy he had tried to sell me this package "deal" for almost $1350

Honestly I do enjoy watching people lose their cool when I go on one of these little things... I found the fastest way to set them off is simply mention RAM and memory as two different things.

I don't know WHY I do it but I do... I think I may have a tiny bit of troll in me :3


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