Friday, July 26, 2013

Devil Summoner

I'm super excited right now!!!

Sometime ago I ordered Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner from Amazon and it just came in the mail ^_^

So I've had the second game for the longest time... (I found it at Gamestop. It was the gift set that came with a plushy and I got it for around $20 after taxes/discounts and whatnot) That was almost 3 years ago.

Sadly though when I got the second game Gamestop didn't have the first and it was ($120 used $150 new) on amazon and so I never thought I would get it but about 3 years later I got my hands on a brand new copy straight from amazon themselves for $26...

I don't know what caused the price to drop that much but honestly I don't care as long as this game works!!!!

So I'll be back later everyone... I has a new game to test out :3

~Nonna   ^_^

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