Friday, July 26, 2013

Star Trek roommate maybe?

So earlier today while I was playing my new game I was chatting with a friend though Skype. So anyways our conversations tend to sometimes go a little odd. Anyways she ask me if  I could live with any member of the Enterprise crew from the original series who would it be and why?

Well for me this is a logical choice that does not need to even be pondered for more than a mere moment. So I promptly replied to this very illogical question with Mr. Spock.

She for some unknown reason was not appeased with my logical choices and there for asked a second time...

"When I say crew of the Enterprise I mean you can choose any member of the crew... Not just the bridge crew but every member of the crew is an option whether it be Gary who died shortly after the show started to random red shirt number 5... you can pick anyone! So I'm going to ask you again... If  you could be roommates with any member of the Enterprise crew from the original series who would it be and why?

Once again I promptly replied with Spock.

So she asks why is he so much better than the rest of the crew?

Well honestly who in their right mind wouldn't want to live with Spock. The dude is freaking brilliant... basically a walking computer...

Me: Hey Spock, How long does it take to boil an egg...
Spock: Depends on the consistency in which you wish the egg to be.
Me: Hard boiled.
Spock: Exactly 15 minutes and 27.3 seconds
Me: Thanks Spock

Me: Hey Spock if I attach this nozzle to this 2L bottle of diet coke after dropping a whole pack of mentos in it how far do you think it would shoot?
Spock: Based on the size of the hole in the nozzle and the size of the soda it would shoot to exactly 6 feet and 3.762 inches into the air before the nozzle explodes off of the bottle.
Me: Thanks Spock
Spock: If you still plan to go though with this experiment I recommend you wear these *holds out random pair of safety glasses*
Me: *puts on glasses* Thanks Spock!

Me: Hey Spock, what do you want to do tonight.
Spock: Well I had planned on reading this new book I found on the history of the Roman empire. It looks to be quite informative but if you wish we could play a game of chess.
Me: Quiet night of reading, sounds perfect! Maybe we can play that game of chess later though once we finish our books.

This guy would be perfect to have around the house for me. Out of the members of the crew I truly believe Spock would have to be the best choice for me.

Anyways... that is my choice :3


If you could be roommates with any crew member who would you choose and why?

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