Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Super Mario 64 DS

So some time ago I was complaining about how Gamefly had skipped over Super Mario 64... well anyways I got it yesterday and well it didn't exactly live up to what I expected :(

So everyone I talked to about this game had mentioned that it was like the old Nintendo 64 Mario game and so I really wanted to try it seeing as I no longer own my old 64 and really missed some of the games for it so I was really happy to find that they had re-released this game for a newer system!

So I got the game yesterday and I was really excited as I have really missed this game and could not wait to play it...

I popped the game in to my DS and turned it on... the game title screen loaded and my excitement began to build... I punched start and a letter popped up from Peach telling me that she had baked a cake and I should come see her... That long lost but ever so familiar green pipe slowly came out of the ground... Aw yeah! Our pops everyones favourite plumber... here we go woot hoot! Then two more pipes pop up... hey I don't remember this from the old game... Oh well it has been almost 13 years since I last played this game maybe maybe I forgot about this. So Mario, Luigi and Wario head off to the castle after a few seconds of pain...

Next comes the cloud guy floating around with his camera (btw I honestly love how Nintendo tosses these guys in to the game... it really explains the whole camera point of view that you have through out the game)

So he floats up to Yoshi... little screen goes on... Bam you are Yoshi... O.o what the heck this is new! So you run up to the castle and the door is locked... Camera guy again (Hey dino dude if you wanna get in you gotta go beat down this poor little bunny!) So you go and try to eat this bunny... Yoshi really dislikes the taste of rabbit so he spits him up and the bunny hands over a key! Now we are taking lets unlock this door and get back on track. I'm ready for the plumber and my childhood memories... Get through the door and creepy voice telling you to get out... woot here we go this is better!!! Looks around... so where is Mario... hey there is a toad guy... lets go talk to him... Mario isn't here right now go look for him in the first painting... Go into the first world... wait what?? I thought I was getting Mario before going into the bob-omb painting... Crushed T_T

No don't get me wrong I like Yoshi but this was a very disappointing moment for me I waited all this time for Super Mario 64 so I could be Mario... Now as far as I heard eventually you do find Mario and even the others and then you can switch between them as you like, but I'm not going to lie I was very sad to find that until that point I'll be stuck as Yoshi.

Anyways I'll probably finish this game before sending it back to gamefly though I may not take as long with it as I had wished to... Looks like it is time for me to start hunting for a working N64 and a copy of the original game T_T

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~Nonna who is very crushed T_T

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