Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snape will make a man out of you

So for some reason I've got a lot of random Disney/Harry Potter things running though my head tonight... I think it may be about time for me to sleep :(

So Snape has been one of my favourite characters since basically the end of the first book so when I found this video a couple years back I was really happy :3

I'm not really sure what drew me to him back all those years ago but I felt there was something about him that I could really connect to... like there was more to him than he let on and he treated Harry and them the way he did to hide his true self...

Honestly when I learned that they were making Harry Potter in to a movie I did not want to go see it at first due to the fact that most movies tend to destroy the books they are made from and I remember my my biggest  fear at the time was that they were going to completely destroy Snape and so I didn't want to see the movie at all...

Then I learned that they were getting Alan Rickman to play Snape... I was there for the midnight premier :3


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