Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blizzard why do you hate me so :(

So I ended up staying up really late last night and sadly my kitties decided to wake me up really early this morning...

So with being up so early I thought that I would go farm a bit of ore and herbs on my toon while there is no one really on to compete with sadly I launched the game just to find... emergency maintenance was currently taking place and the game should be up at around 11 or 12 my time... which means the game won't be up til about 2 or 3 my time and by that time I'll have a few million other farmers to deal with!

Now honestly I don't have a problem with other farmers. I can usually get the amount of ore/herbs for what I need them for. My issue is the farmers who feel every node on the map is theirs and will see that you are mining/herbing a spot and watch you get attacked and then fly in and take the item you are fighting for... This really pisses me off... though I am kinda happy when they turn out to be the opposite faction and they end up flagged because then it is pay back time :3 (or if they are on the same faction I happen to be on at the time I'll just do the same thing they did to me twice... once for my lost item and once to teach them a lesson... It seems to work too as the next time they see me fighting for a node they will just fly on and leave me to my prize!)

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