Thursday, August 8, 2013

Con quick fix~ Broken glasses

 So I just screwed up my glasses yet again (thankfully I have a second pair on hand due to knowing how bad I am with them :3 ) Anyways this got me to thinking about the last time I messed up my glasses...

So anyways it was Katsucon 09 I had just had someone walk into me and my glasses hit the floor all Scooby-Doo style... The left ear piece snapped in half... Anyways the girl who knocked them off started to apologize and offered to walk with me to con ops in order to find some tape to fix them... We get there and they said that they have tape there somewhere and started to look for it when this random cat-boy pipes up from the corner and says to for get the tape to use band-aids instead...

We me being as accident prone as I am I always carry a first aid kit with me at cons. So he asks me for a band-aid and my glasses. I hand him the items and he cuts off the sticky part right before the pad and wraps the sticky part around the two pieces... They held up for the rest of the con only needing the band-aid replaced once (I still had the rest of the first band-aid so woot :3 )

So when in a bind use band-aids for emergency eyeglasses repair instead of scotch tape or even electrical tape. The adhesive on it is a lot stickier than any other kind of tape and stays stuck even when exposed to moisture (like heavy sweating in raves).

So thanks again random cute cat dude...


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