Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nothing to prove

I would like to thank a good friend of mine and fellow geek girl for posting this on facebook...  Some "little boys" (not going to call them men even though most of them are over 18 as they have not gained enough maturity points to level up and gain said title) like to call geek girls "fake"... geek girls across the country have gotten together to reply to these boys...

I think at some point or another all girls out there who love to game/read comics ect have/will get strange looks from the jerks around them when they let their geek side show.

Over the years I have gotten many odd looks and sometimes even rude remarks when entering comic shops and gaming stores. I think this video sends a great message to all girls... You've got nothing to prove and if some one says other wise... They are not worth your time.

I've been gaming a long time (I got my first system back in 1991, I was 3 years old and didn't really know what to do with it but I quickly learned :3) My first game was Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo (at the time I had no clue what I was doing but I learned that punching the button made the red dude jump and after that I was off and the rest was history).

Sadly due to random jerks most of my online screen names are gender neutral or and on one game I play I've gotten to the point I will only play male characters as it seems to be the only way to be taken serious in most of these games :(

As I've learned on World of Warcraft if you are female most guys expect you to only play healers and thats only because you got dragged into the game by some man in your life... I am a tank and often times people don't have any problems with me... until it comes time to run a raid and I have to get in vent... Once in vent and guys find out that the tank is female they go freaking bananas... Reactions I have had range from the normal "back to the kitchen" or "make me a sandwich" to some guys trying to get me to roll for healer plate so that I can switch to a "proper" spec... and in a few extreme cases some guys intentionally trying to cause wipes so that they can blame me and get me booted from group. This sadly was a recurring problem which caused me to hop around from guild to guild a lot until I found a great guild that the GM's thoughts were "I don't care what your gender is all I care about is if you can play your class right" As such I stuck with that guild for almost 2 years until it slowly began to die. Once it was pretty much dead and the new GM took over I bailed ship as fast as I could as the new GM was one of the guys who kept pushing for the old GM to remove me as main tank... Now I have my own guild with the best healer from my old guild and one of the better dps...

Sadly though I don't see this going away any time soon... As long as there are groups/fandoms/whatever there will always be guaranteed that there will be at least one elitist jerk in it making the whole thing suck for every one...

I truly love the message on one of the signs in the video that basically says...

we all love the same hobbies... we've all been bullied for those hobbies... we are on the same side... we should be supportive of each other!"

I honestly would like to thank my parents for helping me become the woman I am today. When I was growing upmy parents got me what ever toy I happened to be interested in at the time, whether is was "for a boy" or not... Though most of my friends parents got them toys for the "correct" gender (girls got dolls dress up and stuff like that and the boys got legos, video games and such...) As such I had more male friends growing up as most of the girls thought I was strange and their mothers didn't really approve of me hanging out with them. Honestly this never bothered me much as a kid (I thought most of the girls were boring anyways) but now that I am older I not going to lie... It really does bother me a lot (not because I didn't get to go to many sleep overs or whatever but because those girls sadly never got to know the joys of getting to express themselves and playing with what they found interesting... I remember one of the biggest "secrets" my best friend told me when I was nine... I didn't think nothing much of it at the time but now I find it truly sad... Her big secret that I was not allowed to tell anyone about was... She wanted to be a pilot and join the air force like her uncle... As a child I didn't get why this was a really huge secret and was to never be repeated to anyone ever again.... Now I find this very sad that she thought she had to hide this dream of hers.)

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