Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Ballad of Charlie Mops

So after what seems like forever I finally gotten The Bard's Tale again... It was on sale on Steam for $2.49.... Well sadly (or not depends on how you look at it :3 ) after install...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mad Scientist Mode Kicks In...

Ok so I have this song stuck in my head... The beat... It sounds a lot like opening to Awolnation's "Sail" but it isn't that song (it also is not Hurt's "Illuminated" or Dougie Maclean's "The Gael")...

Battle for the bride

Ok so it has been awhile... I've been quite busy with holiday stuffs and also catching up on some long over due fanfiction.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Can eating Lava

So I came across this and thought it was kinda cool... Bryan Lowry has captured this amazing video of a lava flow enveloping a ravioli can...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Marathon

Ok so sadly I was rather sick last weekend... Unfortunately I couldn't really do much game wise...Thus I ended up watching a few movies over the weekend, some I have seen many times before and a quite a few "newer" ones... Here are my thoughts on the "new" movies I saw...

Two Doctors and Volcano Day...

So it seems everyone has their random theories about how the upcoming season of Doctor Who will work out seeing as the new Doctor has been in a past episode of the show... So I thought what the heck I'd take a stab at it too... So here's my random theory...

Something Bothering Me in the Ghostbusters Movie

So last night I watched the Ghostbusters and this part with Walter Peck has been bothering me for some time.... Quite a few years actually...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Most Interesting Site In The World...

Oh my... I must say I do believe I have found the most interesting site in the world.... Ok so maybe not but it is still pretty fun for a bit....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Help Find The Idiot Who Attacked A Cosplaying Street Performer

Do you know the attacker? Contact West Midlands Police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Please forward and share this video to raise awareness.

Monday, October 21, 2013


So I recently found out that you can order a butterbeer type drink from Starbucks... Or just about any other local coffee shop that makes a creme frappuccino...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Play Super Mario Brothers on your computer

Kinda random but meh... Anyways look what I found :D Apparent you can now play the original Super Mario Brothers on your computer (requires google chrome).

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Disney Star Wars Movie

So we know there is going to be a new Star Wars movie coming out some time in 2015.... We also know that Star Wars is now owned by Disney (thanks George >.< )... So many people are worried about the fact this movie is happening... Especially with the rumors of Darth Vader is coming back... Let me put your fears to rest with this lovely sneak peek at the up coming movie...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Missing Doctor Who Episodes Found

Ok so for many month people have been saying that the missing episodes of Doctor Who had been found and each time it has turned out to be false.... Well it seems like this time the rumor may be true! They uncovered 106 long-lost Doctor Who episodes in Ethiopia!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Breaking Bad

So I finally started watching Breaking Bad yesterday (I know... What the heck took me so long???) So anyways I have just hit season three and I am really enjoying the show so far, but...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Departure of the "Ponds"

So I recently found this and I must say it does answer some unanswered questions (MOFFAT!!!)... So we all watched "The Angels Take Manhattan" and some of you may have even cried over the departure of the "Ponds"... Well some questions were left unanswered such as this one..

iPhone earphones controls...

Ok so sometime back I mentioned that I had to replace my phone and I had gotten an iPhone... Well since getting this new phone I discovered that the earphones that come with the phone has some "hidden" controls...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Butterbeer Cake

This sounds so freaking good... And very easy to make too... A friend of mine sent me this recipe for "Butterbeer Cake"... Not too sure where she found it (so if anyone knows please let me know so I can give the person credit)

East of Eden

So apparently Jennifer Lawrence will be in the remake of East of Eden. Universal acquired the rights to the adaptation back in 2004 after the book was chosen for Oprah's Book Club...

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So a couple of days ago Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered... It follows Agent Phil Coulson (yes the same guy that ended up dead in the Avengers...) So basically going to try to not spoil anything for those who have not gotten a chance to watch it yet...

Monday, September 23, 2013

So I saw this comic on dorkly an it reminded me of something that happened some time back around the time Grand Theft Auto IV came out...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Han Solo found by NASA

So over the years I have often heard that the government keeps cutting NASAs funding to the point that they are getting less than a quarter of what they once were... To this I must say... This is why we shouldn't cut more of their funding...

Evil Dead... My thoughts

Seeing as Halloween is right around the corner I finally got around to watching Evil Dead (it also helped that Redbox gave me a rent one get one free code :3 but that's besides the point)...

Broken Glass Cupcakes

So I saw these "Broken Glass Cupcakes" these things look awesome I would love to try these sometime around Halloween.

Thanks for the NES

 So I just found out that Hiroshi Yamauchi died this morning from pneumonia. For those not sure who Mr. Yamauchi is, he is the Ex-Nintendo president (joined the company in 1949 and stepped down on May 31, 2002).

Chrono Crusade

So I've been looking around on amazon again and I was very happy to find Chrono Crusade: Complete Series.

Innuendo Bingo??

So I discovered this thing called Innuendo Bingo thanks to Mr. George Takei... And I must say I do love it... And I do believe Matthew Lewis has a bit of a dirty mind :3

Friday, September 13, 2013

Letter to America

So I was wondering around the interwebs when I found this "Letter to America" I read through  it but quickly discovered it was the updated version (in which I disliked) thus I had to go hunt down the original one that I so loved back when it hit the internet back some time in 2005/2006... Anyways it took me some time but alas I found it...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Actors at Conventions

So kinda random but I was watching Galaxy Quest and it got me wondering about actors at conventions... I go to a lot of anime cons through out the year and more often than not I happen to notice the same voice actors at many cons and this movie got me wondering...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sir Patrick Stewart Gets Married

So apparently sometime this weekend Sir Patrick Stewart got married to Sunny Ozell. Now the real surprise was...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Voldy and Mrs Lovett

 Ok so call me weird or strange or whatever but anyways...

Polyjuice Potion Conundrum

Ok so I saw this on my facebook feed and thought it bought up a good question... So basically people are wondering exactly what would happen if a guy took Polyjuice and became a woman who then got pregnant....

Batwoman Writers Leave After DC Refuses To Allow Gay Marriage

 So DC strikes again... Bad enough they pissed off a good amount of fans with the choice of Affleck as Batman but now they are messing with the Bat-universe more. This time not only has DC pissed off fans but their employees too...

Peter Capaldi... Too old to be the Doctor

So here recently I've seen quite a few people complaining about the choice for the twelfth doctor. A lot of them are saying Peter Capaldi is too old to play our new Doctor. Sadly most of these comments are coming from fans who are close to my age or younger as we did not grow up with the Classic Who...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Good bye A.C. Crispin

So I was kinda saddened to hear that Ann Crispin (better known to most fans as A. C. Crispin) past on sometime yesterday (September 6 2013)...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Futurama‏... Dead again

So it seems like Futurama is being killed off... Yet again... The "last" episode will air tonight Comedy Central at 10pm EST

iPhone case

So recently I broke my phone and had to get a new one, well my cell company had the iPhone 4s for free so I thought what the heck I would get it (woohoo free smart phone :3 )... well I've been looking at cases since I ordered the phone...

Caramel Apple Bites

So once again my friends are sharing food on facebook and I found something I kinda want to try... These looks good but not easy so honestly I think I would mess them up...

What happens when you marry a geek girl

Ok so I read this joke on adult humour this morning and it reminded me of a story one of my friends told me about when she got married...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Transformers 4 title

So we already know there is going to be a new Transformers movie coming out June 27th 2014... But they still haven't told us exactly what they are calling it yet... as a result random people on the internet have taken it upon themselves to try to guess the new movie title...

Bryan Cranston is the new Lex Luthor

So since the announced that Ben Affleck is the new Batman (turns out it is not a joke O.o) rumors have been flying left and right about everything Batman related in the new Superman movie such as they are looking at Justin Bieber to be the new Robin to even Justin Timberlake taking his spot next to Batman. Now the one thing people are now focusing on more is who is the new Lex Luthor? Rumor is Bryan Cranston is the new Lex Luthor...

Captain Kirk's response to Miley Cyrus

Ok so for the past week or so the internet has blown up with this whole Miley Cyrus thing... Til now I have not made any comments about the event because personally I could care less... That was until now...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Free Dungeons & Dragon book

So last night I was on facebook and a few of my friends were talking about this thing called listia... Anyways I thought I would check it out and...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

State Farm... Please quit stalking me

So for the past four or so years it seems like I've been getting stalked by all the State Farm agents in my area... There is one agent in my town... Then there are two agents in the town next to mine... Then there are two more in the town on the other side of that town... Then on the other side of my town there are about three or so in that town...

Need a girlfriend maybe?

Ok so I found this link on themetapicture and I must say it seems that some people have way too much free time on their hands...

Ham and cheese stuffed biscuits

So a friend of mine shared this recipe on facebook... Not to sure where she got it from but it looks kinda good... And easy to make... I may end up trying this at some point.

Why Hufflepuff House Is Actually Awesome...

Ok so I myself am not a Hufflepuff but here are some reasons the badgers actually pretty awesome...

Star Trek into Darkness

I so can't wait, just nine more days until Star Trek into Darkness comes out on dvd and blue-ray. I saw this on amazon. I so want Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Phaser Limited Edition Gift Set (Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack).

Images from new Hobbit movie

So I came across these this morning. They are found in a movie tie-in book, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Annual 2014. Expecting spoilers, there isn’t any. These are just character images of Tauriel, Legolas and Bard the Bowman.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Ok so I found this really awesome app called Ibotta sometime last week...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Legend of Zelda Ocarina Replica

Augh I have no self control... I know I shouldn't be spending anymore until Friday yet I can't help but look at very tempting things T_T' I've now found this... And I realy really wants it :3
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Replica with Genuine Leather Triforce Bag

Gothic Victorian Lace Choker With Rose

So I found another choker and (*squeeeee!*) I think this one may be even cuter than the last...I really really want this  Gothic Victorian Lace Choker With Rose

Gothic Victorian Lace Choker

So I've been looking into doing a new cosplay costume in time for Halloween so anyways I came across this super cute Gothic Victorian Lace Necklace Choker...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013


So sometime back I saw this question floating around... Someone had asked if people got upset that fictional character who were the same age as them had went on such magical adventures and that the real people haven't gotten to... Anyways I saw the answer to this today and I must say I loved it!


Ok so kinda random but I love the movie Brave... More so I love the father from Brave...

MLP... Employment is Magic... A bronies tale!

So there once was this little bronie named Joseph whom was in need of a job... He searched high and low in pony land yet sadly there were no jobs to be found. This saddened bronie Joseph... So he went to talk with his good friend Rainbow Dash who advised her favorite bronie that though employment is magical it takes more than a flick of a tail to get. Rainbow Dash sat bronie Joseph down and taught him about the magical job granting paper that is known as a resume... This is what they came up with...

Chain Mail Bags

So once again I have found myself on the Think Geek website... Anyways I came across their "Chain Mail Dice Bag"

Samantha Swords

So when I say medieval combat most people automatically think of men in chainmail beating the crap out of each other with very pointy swords... Now lets toss the word "woman" into the mix and most picture maidens oh so fair in those beautiful corset dresses...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Milk Jug Jack o Lanterns???

So a friend of mine shared this on facebook and I kinda want to try it this Halloween... Looks pretty easy and if done right it could turn out much better than the example that is posted (like those killer Jack o Lanterns that are basically works of art... except you don't have to worry about all that hard work rotting in a few weeks)

New Star Trek show

So I've been hearing rumors about  this for quite some time now and I would really love to see a new show soon

Green kitties

Ok so kinda random but yeah... Anyways it looks like my kitties are trying to go green and cut down my power usage :P

Yet another Ben Affleck/Batman post

So last night I found out that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman in the next Superman movie... Now I wasn't too thrilled... Though I didn't vent my full frustration with this horribly bad choice here on this blog I did do quite a bit of venting elsewhere... On that note the main friend I vented to last night pointed me to this...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pepperoni Ramen Pizza???

Ok so this sounds kinda good but kinda nasty at the same time... I kinda want to try to make this but then again not to sure I could stomach it...

New Man of Steel movie Daredevil becomes Batman

Someone please tell me this is a joke... So apparently the upcoming squeal to Man of Steel has cast Ben Affleck as Batman... BATMAN... Really...

Katee Sackhoff as Harley Quinn

So in a resent interview Katee Sackhoff has stated that she would like the chance to be Harley Quinn... Sackhoff is best known as Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace (Battlestar Galactica)

New Pirates of the Caribbean title has been announced...

So apparently the new title for Pirates 5 is out

Monday, August 19, 2013

Heres Woody

So um yeah I think it is time for me to go to bed I really should go to sleep when I start looking up random things...

Buzz's girl

So um wow I didn't know that but apparently Buzz's girlfriend in Home Alone is a boy in drag...

Alyindia Garner

So um yeah not sure why but anyways... Meet my new D&D character... Alyindia Garner


So a friend of mine sent me a link earlier today for this site called nerdblock

Lady and Sansa reunited

So in the end Sansa gets to keep Lady. The trainers of Zunni (Lady) let Sophie Turner adopt her "direwolf"

Cyborg will be missed

Lee Thompson Young, who played Victor Stone/Cyborg in Smallville, died. He will be missed.

Microsoft Word Hack

So randomly wondering around on the internet I happened to end up on cracked

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Free Notebooks this week only at Rite Aid

So I do a lot of table top gaming and we often go through a lot of notebook paper... Anyways I found that this week you can get free Mead Composition notebooks at Rite Aid

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

One ingredient ice cream??

So apparently you can now make ice cream at home with just one ingredient... It honestly sounded a bit weird at first but now I kinda really want to try it and see...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home Made Fruit Jello

I found this on a friend's facebook page I think she got it from thankyourbody.com (but not really sure that's just what the picture says.) Anyways I so want to try this sometime... It is home made fruit snacks... Not sure if it would turn out like jello or more like the gummies but I still want to try it sometime :3

Fairies in a jar

So I found this thing online called fairies in a jar... I so wanna try it at some point!

Just another reason I support BioWare.

Over the past few years video game companies have slowly began to notice that not all of it's consumers are male... Apparently BioWare has made that discovery and attempted to include this fact into their game Dragon Age 2...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Harry Potter Caramell

O.o So apparently there has been a Harry Potter/Caramell mash up... The Dark Lord commands you to watch this :3

Maria Holic Spins Me Right Round

So I happened to find this nice Maria Holic AMV too. Actually I found this AMV sometime back and due to it I had to watch the series :3

Ranma-san and the Land Down Under :3

So I've decided to take a short break from gaming (maybe about a day or two) anyways it has so far led to me looking up random stuffs... Anyways I found this and couldn't help but laugh

Sexism and Abuse in MMOs

So I came across this article (Sexism and abuse isn't only on Twitter: one woman's gaming experience) on a friend's facebook page (she says she swiped it from Elite Girl Gamers facebook page)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

In the Land of More dough where the Sauces lie...

Ok so now I know it is time for bed when...

Gaming with cats...

Ok so Not sure if I mentioned it before but I currently have four kittens (two of which I sadly need to re-home soon T_T)  Anyways I have found it can be quite hard to play games (or type or watch and/or read stuff) on my computer as the kitties seem to think that the computer was invented just for them to sleep on... Or in the case of the one kitten... It was made to play with (I was sitting in Halfhill working on my cooking skill some, well there was this druid afk beside me in bird form... my kitty decided to try to catch the birdie :3 )

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Con quick fix~ Broken glasses

 So I just screwed up my glasses yet again (thankfully I have a second pair on hand due to knowing how bad I am with them :3 ) Anyways this got me to thinking about the last time I messed up my glasses...

A bad day to be famous O.o

So this is kinda odd and somewhat downright creepy... November 22 1963 apparently was a bad day to be a famous person... Now if you live in America then you will automatically think of the John F. Kennedy assassination...

World's shortest war

Wow so you learn something new every day... So anyways my guild is working on that critter kill achievement today and so while waiting on the bugs to re-spawn in my spot I've been wondering around on the net reading random stuffs... Anyways did you know the worlds shortest war lasted only 38 minutes!

Thor: The Dark World Pt.2

So as I mentioned in my last post I just saw this trailer for the new Thor movie... 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Charcter sheets ahoy!

So freaking happy right now... So some time back my printer went down and I had to wait to order a new one... Anyways it came today :3

Thor: The Dark World

Just saw the trailer for Thor: The Dark World....

New dice...

So I've been thinking that I am in need of some new dice... Now the people who know me often say that I am not in "need" of new dice that I happen to have plenty of dice to play with... Sadly I believe these friends are wrong... There is always a need for new dice... always! Now with that being said... take a look at these beauties I've been eying with much desire :3

No gaming laptop for you!!

So I went computer shopping yesterday and what I had hoped to be typing here was my thoughts on my brand new gaming computer...

Apples are rubbish

Oh my... I can't quit laughing right now... I was looking at stuff from the up coming Doctor Who 50th when I cam across this

Monday, August 5, 2013

Character Generator

So browsing around online some time ago I found this "Video Game Avatar Creator"... I thought I would check it out but then I found it was on this dress up website for kids so I didn't think it would be that impressive so I went into it not thinking much of it...

Fish Fingers and Custard

So I saw this on youtube and at some point I think I would really love to try to make it...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

So the new Doctor is...

So just found out the twelfth Doctor is... Peter Capaldi... Kinda shocked considering all those there were considering for the part but then again not too shocked considering he he was in the show in the past plus was on Torchwood

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nothing to prove

I would like to thank a good friend of mine and fellow geek girl for posting this on facebook...  Some "little boys" (not going to call them men even though most of them are over 18 as they have not gained enough maturity points to level up and gain said title) like to call geek girls "fake"... geek girls across the country have gotten together to reply to these boys...

Blizzard why do you hate me so :(

So I ended up staying up really late last night and sadly my kitties decided to wake me up really early this morning...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snape will make a man out of you

So for some reason I've got a lot of random Disney/Harry Potter things running though my head tonight... I think it may be about time for me to sleep :(

Avada Kedavra

I don't know why but this has been stuck in my head all bloody day so enjoy :3

Creme De Menth Chocolate Brownies

So I found this on facebook on a friends page... I think came from food.com or food network or one of the random cooking sites that has food in the name anyways it looks some what good and I would like to try to make this "Creme De Menth Chocolate Brownies" at some point...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Revenge is sweet :3

So some time ago I was wondering though Goldshire and somehow ended up over Crystal Lake... I saw a random Murloc happen by and I couldn't help remember the unending rage

Sherlock's dead

So anyways the last season of Sherlock ended with Sherlock being dead... yet not dead. So anyways I found this in my tumblr posts...

Mr. Gates... What are you waiting for???

So like I said I've been so bored waiting on my online games to come back up from their weekly maintenance that I've been looking trough a lot of the old things I had up on tumblr.
So anyways... What you waiting for Bill??

Very bored

So very bored... This is how bored I am... currently looking at stuff I posted on tumblr in the past... Found this on my page...

Super Mario 64 DS

So some time ago I was complaining about how Gamefly had skipped over Super Mario 64... well anyways I got it yesterday and well it didn't exactly live up to what I expected :(

Star Trek roommate maybe? Part 2

Ok so a few days ago I posted about how one of my friends asked me about if I could have any one character from Star Trek the original series as a roommate who would I pick... Well around about 2 or so hours ago we had a "follow up" on that question...

Hey guys, two words... chocolate lasagna...

So I found this thing called Chocolate Lasagna time back... anyways I finally found HOW to make it... It looks so freaking good right now :3

Nonna wants T_T

Getting sick sucks but...

Getting sick sucks but what really sucks is feeling much better on game maintenance day :(

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Memory is RAM

Ok so I'm not a wiz with computers. Sure I can often fix simple problems on my own but when things get bad I do have to ask someone for help.

Friday, July 26, 2013

So Next season of Game of Thrones is to air

So randomly wondering around facebook I cam across this picture...

Star Trek roommate maybe?

So earlier today while I was playing my new game I was chatting with a friend though Skype. So anyways our conversations tend to sometimes go a little odd. Anyways she ask me if  I could live with any member of the Enterprise crew from the original series who would it be and why?

So what is this about anyways...

So a friend of mine saw this and asked me exactly what plans I have for this new blog of mine

Well that's shocking

So just finished trying a bit of my new game, then wondered over to World of Warcraft a bit, did a quick little fun run through Naxx for some transmog gear for a guild member...  Run didn't take very long but it was fun going in there. I finally got to finish it after about a year or two so very happy about that. Plus I got some new achievements... Yay!!! ^_^

Anyways after logging off for the night I found this while scrolling through my facebook feed...

Devil Summoner

I'm super excited right now!!!

Sometime ago I ordered Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner from Amazon and it just came in the mail ^_^

Cosplay Is Not Consent (swiped from Anime USA)

 So some time ago I saw this on Anime USA's facebook page. So I though I would post it here incase some missed it on their page... I think this makes a great point. As a female con goer I fully agree with this...

My thoughts on Gamefly

So about a month ago I thought I'd give Gamefly a try. I had heard that they now had this "Unlimited PC play" and I figured what the heck for $15 a month. Since I currently have loads of free time I thought I'd play be playing anything and everything that they had.

Classic Who

So I've been looking around netflix and I discovered they have Classic Who! So I've decided to work on it some and I must say that it is a very big disappointment T_T

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random hellos ^_^

So I guess I've finally decided to do a blog. Anyways I'm kinda new to this... So anyways I guess I should tell you a bit about myself...