Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Futurama‏... Dead again

So it seems like Futurama is being killed off... Yet again... The "last" episode will air tonight Comedy Central at 10pm EST

So my question is... How many times has this show "ended" in the past and how long until they decide to bring it back again...

Now I have loved this show for a long time but personally I haven't seen much of the past two seasons so at this point I can't really say whether something happened in those seasons that may have permanently killed the show or not.

Either way though I honestly don't think it will stay dead for very long... Sooner or later fans will be demanding a new episode... Now whether or not Matt Groening gives the fans what they ask for will be another story (*cough*firefly*cough*)

But only time will tell and in the end there is always netflix :3


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