Thursday, September 12, 2013

Actors at Conventions

So kinda random but I was watching Galaxy Quest and it got me wondering about actors at conventions... I go to a lot of anime cons through out the year and more often than not I happen to notice the same voice actors at many cons and this movie got me wondering...

I wonder if these actors are kinda like the guys in Galaxy Quest...

So first off you have Tim Allen's character (the one who is in love with the sound of his own voice) So walking around cons I've noticed that there is in fact a couple of these guys out there... And when two or more happen to meet at a con they often try to out do the others... Panels with these guys can often be very entertaining!

Next you have Alan Rickman's character (Had a catchphrase that they have grown to hate) So while waiting in line for autographs or in a panel I often see or hear multiple people ask the actor(s) to do a line from the show(s) they were in... And often it is the same bloody line over and over and over... Heck there was one time I was in line and when I go to the front I could tell the guy was sick and tired of repeating the same line for the past hour, he looked at me and wearily started the line (now I myself standing behind most of the twits who have asked over and over for this line I have grown sick of hearing it already) I interrupt him saying no thanks he gives me a big grin, stands up and hugs me :3 anyways my point is even if you love a line from a show please restrain yourself from asking your favorite voice actor to repeat it a couple million times a year... I am willing to bet anything that the guy from Naruto is getting sick and tired of saying "believe it!" all the bloody time.

Then you have Sigourney Weaver's character (The one who no matter what she has done she will always be associated with that roll and that roll only) There are some great voice actors out there sadly though some of them start with some somewhat bad rolls but they eventually work their way up and then they preform some of their best work ever... Yet sadly when they meet fans all these fans choose to mention to them is the one bad roll that got them started... I've seen this once or twice and I often wonder if the actor(s) in question is going to have a meltdown and snap like Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen).

Then there is Tony Shalhoub's character (that guy who seems just a little too happy to be there) Now I've met quite a few guys like this and I must say I think out of all the voice actor types out there I do love these ones best. They enjoy their jobs and love their fans. Even with random negative things going on around them sometimes, they still do their best to make the con fun for everyone.

Next is Daryl Mitchell's character (child actor) I have not seen many of these at anime cons (mainly because they often have adults do the children's voices too... Negi Springfield... Just look up his voice actor real quick, I remember he was talking about it at a con, when he got the call about the part he said he told the person on the phone "You do realize I am a 40 year old man" he didn't think he could do it, but he did do it, and did a pretty good job at doing so! Look at the bloopers for Negi :3 )
 But anyways back to what I was saying... Rarely you run into child actors at anime cons and this can go two ways... Way one they haven't done anything since their childhood but they still come since they still have some fans... Or more often way two... They have had so many jobs since their childhood but no matter what they do they can not seem to escape their childhood part.

Lastly you have Sam Rockwell's character (that guy who was a background character in one episode of one show once) I have ran into a few of these guys (not many but a few) and more often or not I have saw that they sometimes get themselves in some kinda trouble with security for setting up booths that they are not allowed to set up. They often pay their own way into the con and then try to sell autographs (or you will sometimes see them just randomly giving them away if they are nice :) ) sometimes they will even go as far as to try to sit with a voice actor that was in the same show (as Guy did in the movie).

Anyways Not sure if I'm just noticing this due to watching Galaxy Quest or if I noticed all this long before and it just popped in there due to the movie... And on another random note... I wonder if over the years George Takei has ever grown tired of saying "Oh My!" at a convention?


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