Monday, September 2, 2013

Free Dungeons & Dragon book

So last night I was on facebook and a few of my friends were talking about this thing called listia... Anyways I thought I would check it out and...
So basically it works like a combination of freecycle (or craigslist) and ebay... Basically you list items you no longer want such as books/movies/cards and then people bid on it with their credits... You then take the credits you earned and bid on things you want...

Like I choose to bid on this old Dungeons & Dragons book with my starting credits and...

Just an hour ago I won a free Dungeons & Dragons book!

Sure it is an old school one but I'm sure some of the old guys I play with would love to have it again :3

Anyway I am really enjoying this site so much...

{insert shameless self plug here}
Join me maybe?


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