Wednesday, September 4, 2013

iPhone case

So recently I broke my phone and had to get a new one, well my cell company had the iPhone 4s for free so I thought what the heck I would get it (woohoo free smart phone :3 )... well I've been looking at cases since I ordered the phone...

At first I was looking to buy one... But then I found so many that I wanted... Like...
The Legend of Zelda iPhone 4s Case

Final Fantasy Game Hard Back Case for iPhone 4s

Kingdom Hearts Hard Back Case iPhone 4s

Star Trek TNG iPhone 4s Case

Tenth Doctor in the Mist iPhone 4/4s Hard Shell Case

Star Trek iPhone 4s Case

In the end there were many more to choose from but these are the ones I've narrowed it down to at this time... Still not sure which one I want to get but I'll figure it out...



  1. man... the iPhone case is the hardest purchase ever. My current case is a customized case... cost $50 but man, was it worth it!!! <3 <3 that Zelda one is pretty cool actually. haha. did you pick a case already?

    1. No I sadly still haven't picked one... There is just too may to choose from. Right now I am kinda leaning towards the Zelda one :3