Saturday, September 7, 2013

Peter Capaldi... Too old to be the Doctor

So here recently I've seen quite a few people complaining about the choice for the twelfth doctor. A lot of them are saying Peter Capaldi is too old to play our new Doctor. Sadly most of these comments are coming from fans who are close to my age or younger as we did not grow up with the Classic Who...

To these "fans" I must say... Please stop making us younger fans look like complete and total idiots to the rest of the fandom. "Peter Capaldi is too old"... He is close to the same age as William Hartnell when he started out on the show as the first Doctor... So in my opinion that the show seems to be going back to it's beginning... I'll admit I do enjoy the younger Doctors... Especially Ten... But I do believe that I will have no problems with our new Twelve...  

So if you are one of these fans who is stuck on the idea that the Doctor has to young and sexy... Please stop calling yourself a fan of Doctor Who right now... Because if can not except the newest Doctor then you are no true fan as he is the same person as Eccleston, Tennant and Smith... Just a bit older and wiser.

As someone who did not see the old show (still working on it as netflix doesn't have but 4 episodes of the first Doctor.) I can not judge how well a older Doctor will be but as a fan of the show I look forward to the newest reincarnation of our beloved Doctor.


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