Saturday, September 7, 2013

Batwoman Writers Leave After DC Refuses To Allow Gay Marriage

 So DC strikes again... Bad enough they pissed off a good amount of fans with the choice of Affleck as Batman but now they are messing with the Bat-universe more. This time not only has DC pissed off fans but their employees too...

 Batwoman writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman released an official statement Thursday announcing they’re leaving the DC series due to editorial interference and DC’s flat out refusal to allow Kate Kane marry Maggie Sawyer.
Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married. All of these editorial decisions came at the last minute, and always after a year or more of planning and plotting on our end. We’ve always understood that, as much as we love the character, Batwoman ultimately belongs to DC. However, the eleventh-hour nature of these changes left us frustrated and angry — because they prevent us from telling the best stories we can. So, after a lot of soul-searching, we’ve decided to leave the book after Issue 26.
So at this point people are not sure what exactly DCs objection is over, whether it is due to the characters sexual orientation or over the fact that they do not wish for miss Kane to be tided down with a wife is yet to be seen but the fact remains that they did not want this marriage to happen and as such they have managed to piss off some of their best writers and I think they will soon come to regret that decision.

Though at this point, DC has not released an official statement clarifying their decision, but it seems clear that they weren’t behind the storyline right from the start as they did little to promote Kate and Maggie’s proposal. DC did responded by saying that “editorial differences with the writers of ‘Batwoman’ had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the character”.

Personally I think with the events of the past year and some of the revamps with the new DC 52 (Lobo *cough cough*) that DC comics are starting to go down hill a bit... So far this isn't much of a good year for DC as far as I've saw.


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