Saturday, September 7, 2013

Polyjuice Potion Conundrum

Ok so I saw this on my facebook feed and thought it bought up a good question... So basically people are wondering exactly what would happen if a guy took Polyjuice and became a woman who then got pregnant....

Ok so I'm not an expert but I have read a few odd fanfictions in my time and there was one that answered this random what if question... Now sadly I read this thing somewhere close to 8 or 9 years ago so I don't remember the name of the fic but anyways...

So in this fic (it was a Drarry). It is April 1st and a Hogsmead weekend... Knowing Hermione will not be going to Hogsmead due to prefect duties... Draco decides to skip out on his duties and mess with Potter. Before leaving he has Pansy pull out a few of Hermione's hairs so that he can later add them to the potion. So potion in hand Draco heads off to find Harry. As he is walking around Hogsmead he finally spots Harry trying to make up with Cho (who is still mad that Harry took off during their last date to do the interview Hermione set up). Seeing this Draco thinks that this is the perfect timing to put his plan in effect... Not only can he mess with Potter but he can also cause later problems for him at the same time... So Draco quickly dodges in to the bathroom at the Three Broomsticks and changes clothes then downs the potion... He then heads out to meet Harry and further piss off Cho. Harry who is now mad at "Hermione" for messing up his chances with Cho yet again goes to storm off when "Hermione" grabs him and kisses him... "She" then tells him that "she" has been wanting to do that for some time now but Cho was getting in "her" way and "she" has waited long enough... Harry is shocked and yet some what happy.. Well some time passes, they go back to Hogwarts, Draco slips into the bathroom for another dose of potion... Then after that Harry and "Hermione" end up having sex... Afterwords Draco leaves and waits in a near by bathroom for the potion to wear off so he can go back to the Slytherin common room... an hour passes... then two hours and he still hasn't changed back even though he hasn't taken any more of the potion... He panics and heads to Snape's private rooms... Who promptly tells Granger to get out... Draco then has to explain to his godfather what has happened and who he really is... Snape then explains exactly what is going on...

Well due to some ancient magic and how Polyjuice actually works it is not intended for such uses... Anyone who uses it as such will be stuck in the form of whoever they chose to become until pregnancy is confirmed or denied (normal this is judged by the cycle of the person whose form was taken) If it is confirmed then the drinker is stuck in the form until the the pregnancy runs it's course... (if it is denied then the drinker changes back to his own form with in a few days)

Well long story short Draco is "Hermione" for the next nine months and as creepy as the fic sounds it was actually pretty well written and I would recommend it if I could remember the name... Nothing says fun like a moody Draco, a pissed off Hermione, a troubled Harry, a confused Ron and a whole school there to enjoy the drama!

But anyways I think the fic sums up this question pretty well... Sadly not sure if this is the correct answer and we will sadly never know unless J.K wishes to answer this for us.


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