Sunday, September 1, 2013

State Farm... Please quit stalking me

So for the past four or so years it seems like I've been getting stalked by all the State Farm agents in my area... There is one agent in my town... Then there are two agents in the town next to mine... Then there are two more in the town on the other side of that town... Then on the other side of my town there are about three or so in that town...

So anyways it seems like between all these guys I am getting a random State farm leeter in the mail on a daily bases... So I get somewhere close to 16 or so letters a month from the group (as far as I know they don't know the others are sending letters so I am guessing they may think they are the only ones)

Added to that they each have found me on facebook and have invited me to like their pages (I always decline but they keep popping up once every couple of months... So between these 8 people I'm declining about 4 State Farm pages a month)

In this time I have asked them to stop contacting me but that was some time ago and they must have forgotten or something so I've decided that I'm going to start printing my formal request to be removed from their database and mail it to each of these guys...

Here is a preview of what I am thinking of sending...

Dear {agent name},

Though I do thank you for you ever increasing interest in my financial well being I still am not interested in purchasing State Farm insurance. I have not been interested in the past four years and odds are I will not be interested in the next four years... If that changes I will be sure to notify you or one of the other seven agents in the area who keeps mailing me on a bi-weekly bases. I have asked in the past to be removed from your contact list but that only seemed to work for about two months. So with that I must ask you to kindly remove me again and...
Thank you for your time and understanding,
{My name}

So think maybe this time they will get the message or am I the only one who thinks I may have to flood their offices with these on a weekly bases to get my message across??


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