Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Origin... Y U NO WORK?!?!?

So I bought Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition...

I had bought one of Origin's "Humble Bundles" last month and had no problems with downloads so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try but many people had warned me in the past to steer clear of origin as they have MULTIPLE download issues...

So at this point I don't know who I am more pissed at... gamestop or origin. I bought the game last night from the gamestop website... Once it was paid for I was told to download the "gamestop app" in order to get my game. So I download it and launch it I click install and it takes me to a webpage that states that I must redeem the product key on the Origin site!!!

Come on gamestop... WHY have a download just to send me to another site for my game... Couldn't you have just emailed me the key and instructions instead of making me download some useless app? You guys are starting to suck :(

So yes I could have bought my game directly from EA's Origin site but as I said before many people had warned me to steer clear do to the sites downloads sucking so horribly... But anyways I launch my Origin Client and went trough the steps of redeeming my game...

I clicked download and waited for it to download and install...

That was around 11pm est last night!

I got "we're sorry an error occurred while downloading your game, please try again later [65538:15000]"

Since then I have tried everything... I do mean every bloody thing I could think of short of a freaking blood sacrifice!

It is now almost 6 pm est and my game still hasn't downloaded and installed.

I've seen this error message so many times I can list the numbers from memory (front ways and back ways).

I have been so pissed that I still haven't been to bed yet...

I just want my freaking game to work so that I can sleep peacefully.

Ok so that last line is a total lie... odds are once I do get the game installed I'll be up another couple hours playing but that's not the point...

My point is I paid for a game that I can't even play it and I'm not to happy about it :(

So at this point the only thing I can advise anyone who happens to come across this is this... Don't buy game downloads from Origin or gamestop... They both suck so stick to steam if you must buy games online!


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