Friday, August 23, 2013

Green kitties

Ok so kinda random but yeah... Anyways it looks like my kitties are trying to go green and cut down my power usage :P

It seems like every time I leave the room they do something to my computer or AC or whatever I happen to leave on...

So I have this usb lamp that runs off my laptop, I stepped out to go to the bathroom, it was kinda late and I had this killer headache so I used it instead of my lights so anyways I was only going to be gone a minute or two so I left it on... I get back to find they turned it off... On my way over to the desk I trip over one of the kitties (Well played kittens but assassination attempt failed!)

Yesterday it was too cold for the AC but still warm enough for a fan. So I leave the room to go make something and when I come back I find one of the cats sitting on top of the fan (she had turned it off)

So fast forward to today... I've stepped out a total of three times so far and so far they have. Turned off the AC, turned the brightness of my laptop screen all the way down and last time completely shut down my laptop.

Plus late at night they drag their toys to the middle of the floor and leave them in this nice little trail that makes any type of move to leave the room into a gauntlet...

So anyways it looks like my kitties are trying to go green and maybe even kill me... Only time will tell though :)


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