Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Apples are rubbish

Oh my... I can't quit laughing right now... I was looking at stuff from the up coming Doctor Who 50th when I cam across this

Apple suing Doctor Who

I can't quit laughing...  "There are two points of contention that will invariably evoke the wrath of loyal fans.  The first is Apple logo placement on the Sonic Screwdriver and the second involves changing the name of the Doctors intergalactic mobile home of 50 years to the iTARDIS."

Apparently this lawsuit comes because the eleventh Doctor once said he hates apples... They constituted this as slander against their brand.

Now before people start getting their knickers in a bunch... This is a joke... Apple is not dumb enough to actually go through with this... or are they? Only time will tell.... In that time lets hope the legal department of Apple doesn't happen upon this and start getting "bright" ideas.


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