Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No gaming laptop for you!!

So I went computer shopping yesterday and what I had hoped to be typing here was my thoughts on my brand new gaming computer...

See my laptop still runs quite good but honestly it is time for an upgrade...

I went shopping yesterday and I had thought about getting a desktop for gaming and just keep this old thing for on the go... But at the same time I was also thinking of maybe forgetting the desktop and just get a gaming laptop seeing as I am on the go more than I am at home...

I though I would go look around my area for a good computer as I am kinda impatient when it comes to buying online (Amazon... Y U NO TELEPORT ORDERS?!?) So anyways I decided that my best chance of getting exactly what I want would to be go hit Best Buy!

I got in the store and started to look when I hear "May I help you find something today" So I turn around and tell the guy that I am looking for a good gaming laptop... He leads me to the crappiest laptop in the store... "So this here has 2gb ram and should run most of your facebook games no problems it also comes with a few nice games installed. So should I go ahead and get it for you or would you like to take the time to shop for so accessories? We do have a lot of lovely laptop bags just in time for back to school." I'm standing there with a dumbfounded look on my face. Slowly I start to process what was just said... I turn to look at the guy. "Sir I don't think you understand what I am looking for." He looks at me. "You said you wanted a laptop that should run your games alright... This laptop should run just about all the games on facebook without any problems..." At this point I'm a little annoyed so I ever so sweetly reply. "This thing will not work for my needs... I need a good laptop that can support games such as Terra, World of Warcraft, Rift, Star Wars the Old Republic... You know something that can handle large scale MMOs" He stands there staring at me like I suddenly grew a second head... Then he replied with something that made me so mad that it took every bit of willpower I had to not punch this guy... He gets this bright look on his face and flashes me his most "charming" smile "Oh sweetie, you didn't tell me you were shopping for someone else... You have a very lucky man in your life... follow me!" He starts walking off towards the better computers... At this point I kinda snap... "Hell no you sexist asshole it's for me!" He stops and looks at me again... I now have grown another 2 heads... (holy crap I'm quickly transforming into a hydra!!") This catches a managers attention... "Is there a problem here?" I am quick to explain exactly what the "problem" is... The manager apologizes and offers to help me himself (he tells the rude employee to apologize too but I brush it off as I know he does not mean it and is only doing so because he is being forced into it and wishes to keep his job) So the manager shows me a few nice computers and tries to fix the mess his idiot has made... Sadly at this point I am no longer interested and decide to leave the store... No new laptop in hand T_T

I now remember exactly WHY I do buy most of my gaming supplies online and odds are I will probably be buying my laptop online where I can ask the customer support all the questions I need answered behind a gender neutral, judgement free screen name. I am honestly getting sick and tired of getting odd looks and rude comments when I'm out shopping for myself... No I'm not buying this stuff for any men in my life this is mine... all MINE... any of my guys touch it (heck... even think about touching it) I'll break their fingers... or at least take my Nerf sword of doom to them :3 (which got me really odd looks when I bought those... apparently I have a very lucky little boy in my life too... Though I know no little boys so I am beginning I wonder where is this kid is hiding... I has very lucky little ninja I guess : / )

So anyways I just kinda need to vent a bit as I grow tired of being judged simply because of my gender.


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