Monday, August 19, 2013

Alyindia Garner

So um yeah not sure why but anyways... Meet my new D&D character... Alyindia Garner

So Alyindia is a half elf (but she doesn't know that). Her mother died shortly after she was born so she was raised by her human father (Benjamin). As a child she loved to hunt and fish with her father. They would often spend days, even weeks at a time in the forests. Sometime before her 8th birthday her father died while helping rebuild the neighboring town that had recently been attacked by bandits. She then went to live with her older brother Chester (all human) and his wife (Gretchen).

Gretchen felt that Alyindia had spent too much time in the woods that she had become a "wild child" and thought it was best to start instructing her in the "womanly arts". Learning to cook and sew bored Alyindia so much that she would often sneak off which upset Gretchen to no end.

Shortly after after her 8th birthday Gretchen convinced Chester that Alyindia was too much of a handful to deal with. With their first child on the way it would be hard to support the growing family that they should give his little sister to the priestesses of Shelyn. Chester quickly agreed to this as he still blamed Alyindia's mother for the heartbreak his own mother suffered years ago when their father left her for the "elven wench".

The next morning when Chester left for the smithy Gretchen dressed Alyindia in a beautiful set of red robes and explained to her that she was being given to the priestesses so she needed to stop all her child like nonsense and prepare herself to serve the clergy. Alyindia who knew that Shelyn was the goddess music, art and beauty happy excepted this as she would be able to put her singing talents to good use.

Gretchen then took Alyindia into town and handed her over to two beautiful women dressed in white... Little did Alyindia know that gold had changed hands the night before and she was not going to the temple of Shelyn but actually being sold into slavery. The women lead her pass the temple and out of town. They bound her hands with chain and tied her to the back of one of the horses. She was warned her that if she tried to escape they would kill her... Half way through her grueling trip to the capital city Alyindia's captors were attacked and the horse she was bound to ran off dragging her with it. She was dragged for about two to three miles before the chain snapped leaving her battered and broken in the middle of the road. Alyindia suffered many injuries from her ordeal with the horse including being blinded in her left eye.

Alyindia Was found sometime after by a cleric named Danlyia. She took Alyindia to the temple of Iomedae and nursed her back to health. After almost a month in bed and with nowhere left to go Alyindia decided to stay at the temple and serve the goddess.

There is where she stayed for the next 10 years serving and training... Until she was sent off into the world to spread the word of Iomedae... and this is where her story begins...

Alyindia in the remains of her red robe

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