Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weird Harry Potter fanfiction

Ok so in the time I've been waiting on Origin to install my game I decided to read some fanfiction on a second computer... I must say we have some pretty odd ships

So first I happened to wonder into some random Drapple (Draco and apples)

Then I happened upon some Chickron (Chicken and Ron)

Then somehow I found my way into a Flurry... Which at first sounded kinda normal... Hey it's Harry and Fleur Delacour... NOPE I was wrong Flurry is (Harry and floors!)

So um yeah apparently the Harry Potter fandom is full of weird fanfiction and so it got me to wondering about that apple more...

If we were to pair Snape with Draco's apple would that make Snapple??

Anyways these are not the worst fics I've happened across over the years but I find these the most odd seeing as they happen to have pairing names unlike the other odd ones :)


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