Monday, August 5, 2013

Fish Fingers and Custard

So I saw this on youtube and at some point I think I would really love to try to make it...

It all started when I got an email from talking about how geek week has gone all Doctor Who (geek-week-goes-all-who-y) anyways there was a lot of great stuff in the
post and I got excited when I saw a video for the eleventh Doctor's favorite food... Fish Fingers and Custard... Well the name of the video I saw on the post was "Fish Fingers and TARDIS Sauce" and I thought it was a little odd but was like hey maybe they are calling the custard "TARDIS Sauce" to make it more Doctor Who themed...

So I started watching it... Well sadly it wasn't exactly what I had hoped it was... I quickly became disappointed as the lady mentioned that she was not using custard as it would “transport her to parallel universe of regret…” I quickly gave up on this video…

Now saddened by this I thought to look around youtube to see if any of the cooking channels out there actually made the real thing… that ACTUALLY involved custard… I then found “Feast of Fiction” who actually make fish fingers and CUSTARD!!!!

So for the fans who were saddened by this video here is the link to the Feast of Fiction guys who make this Doctor’s favorite food just the way he likes it!

I think I love these guys... Thanks so much Feast of Fiction... I really enjoyed the video and hope to try the recipe very soon... I also plan to check out the rest of their videos very soon!!!

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did!


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