Saturday, August 17, 2013

So I was fired today...

So I was fired today... Oddly enough from a job I never worked at...

I was shopping in Target today...

I was in one of my Star Trek tees. Anyways this woman comes up to me and starts complaining about how dirty the bathrooms are... I tell her it's not my problem and walk off... She starts to follow me... Still complaining... I stop and check my phone when I hear behind me... "What you mean it's not your problem... You ain't doing nothing so go clean the womens bathroom, that IS what they pay you for..."

This woman thinks I work here... :3 (Oh my... I think I'm a troll... Instead of point her mistake out to her I had to play with her)

So I reply with... "Sorry sweetie... I'm on break... So not my problem!" She gets this pissed look on her face... I walk off. She is STILL following me... So I head over to the cleaning section (all the while she is still complaining to me and threatening to call my manager :D ) "You better enjoy your break honey because it's going to last you a long time" I grab a mop and some bleach... "Well if they are as bad as you say then maybe you should clean them." I hand her the stuff...  "Well off you go sweetie" I wave her away... By this point she is mad as can be...

She has been yelling so much it actually does draw in management... "So what seems to be the problem" the man asks... I go to say something at this point (He shushes me...) "Excuse me miss, is there a problem here?" Cranky old bat turns to the manager "Why yes there is... (She gives him a sweet smile) I informed your rather rude employee that the womens bathrooms are dirty and she got snippy with me." (I'm standing back enjoying the soon to be show) "She informed me that it was not her problem and that she was on break" (I trying not to laugh :3 ) "She then handed me this" (holds out mop) "And she had the nerve to suggest I... a customer... A CUSTOMER should clean them!" (Me grinning like crazy at this point as this woman continues her story) "I have never been treated so poorly by a Target employee before and I'm not sure I'll be back to let it happen again!"

Manager hears this and finally acknowledges me... Do you have anything you wish to say to our customer here... "Yeah... Might I suggest a new pair of glasses while you are out shopping on this lovely day?"

She looks ever so pissed.... The manager does too... "Well if that is the kind of attitude you are going to have you can go clock out... you are fired!" (she's got this look that says shes expecting me to break down and cry or beg for my job back or whatever)... I look at the manager then to her then to manager again. "Ok cool..." I go to walk off then I turn around... "Though before I go I would like to suggest that my lovely manager takes a small bit of time off as to have his eyes examined too." I then point to the Star Fleet emblem on my shirt and smile "Bathrooms are not a customers problem... Neither are dissatisfied customers..." The manager quickly starts to apologize and the woman looks like she is going to die of embarrassment... Needless to say I think she will think twice before getting "snippy" with another store employee.

Sadly enough I forgot the major rule for shopping at Target (never.... EVER wear any kind of red shirt EVER... especially paired with khaki or in my case black pants) 

~Nonna the troll :3

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