Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New dice...

So I've been thinking that I am in need of some new dice... Now the people who know me often say that I am not in "need" of new dice that I happen to have plenty of dice to play with... Sadly I believe these friends are wrong... There is always a need for new dice... always! Now with that being said... take a look at these beauties I've been eying with much desire :3

The first set is a lovely "Elven" set from Q-Workshop

Been looking at these for some time but sadly have yet to get them :(

Next set is just as nice as the first I think They are Dwarven Stone dice...

Been looking at these for about as long as the first set... maybe even longer.

Also been looking at this other set of "Dwarven Stone" dice...
I kinda want these but honestly I think the blue set above looks much better

Last set I've really been thinking about getting is this "Steampunk" metal set from Q-Workshop
I think out of all the sets this will be the one I get first!

Though honestly I should think about catching up on the 3 pathfinder books I'm missing before I even think about buying more "un-needed" dice!


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