Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Pt.2

So as I mentioned in my last post I just saw this trailer for the new Thor movie... 

So something else I just noticed... Besides the Doctor being in the movie. The stone guy that Thor is fighting... Well at first I thought noting about it... Mainly because I was busy trying to spot Christopher Eccleston... Well at\second look I took a closer look at the stone man... And holy crap it is a Kronan... I just though it was kinda funny that they slipped this guy into the movie. For those who are wondering what is so special about the big rock guy... Well he is a member of the Kronans, bunch of stone dudes whos base is on one of the moons of Saturn... So often the Kronans are called the Stone Men of Saturn... Anyways why is this important that they showed up in the new Thor movie... Well their first appearance happens to be in the same comic that Thor first appears in (well first “modern age” appearance). Actually Thor is on the cover fighting off a group of these guys... Though they are green then... But then again Thor looked a bit differently then too.

~Nonna needs sleep

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