Monday, August 5, 2013

Character Generator

So browsing around online some time ago I found this "Video Game Avatar Creator"... I thought I would check it out but then I found it was on this dress up website for kids so I didn't think it would be that impressive so I went into it not thinking much of it...

I thougt it was going to be a silly little dress up game that only had like five or so choices of clothing and all of them would be nothing but cute little frilly dresses... Boy was I wrong... I found how much you could actually do on it...

So my ever next thoughts after taking a quick look at it was... Cha-ching... Jackpot... Heck yeah...

Dungeon Master beware, Nonna has a whole new game plan! Gone are the days of you changing my characters looks  simply because I can't provide a good outfit picture for your reference... No more changing what I say my character's outfit looks like to fit your "skimpily clad" chick ideas... No more shortening my skirt or saying my shirt is lower cut than it is... You say this will change once I can bring you pictures of my female characters... Well I now has pictures :3

Right now the only race is human BUT it says that it is adding more soon... Also they have added a few more classes since the last time I used it (Black Mage, Gunner, Beast Master, and Bard)

Which is very nice because more classes equal more choices! And the best part is you are not limited by the class you choose... Say you are making a Mage but you dislike the way the boots look... you can click "Armory" again and choose another class... The items you chose on the Mage class will STILL be there on your character BUT you can now choose boots from another class... so you can mix and match from every class if you wish until you get your character just the way you want it!!

Plus on top of adding more races soon it also says that they will also be adding even more classes (Thief, Necromancer, Brawler, Ranger, and Alchemist) Now the only down side to this great generator is the fact that it only makes female characters... So here's to hopping that they will add a male build after they finish with the new classes and races!

To try this out for yourself visit the link below 

Happy Gaming :3

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