Sunday, August 18, 2013

Free Notebooks this week only at Rite Aid

So I do a lot of table top gaming and we often go through a lot of notebook paper... Anyways I found that this week you can get free Mead Composition notebooks at Rite Aid

There is a coupon in the Rite Aid flyer that is good for this week only...

Looks like this, it can be found on page 3 of the ad

Anyways it says on it that they limit the coupon to one per customer but our Rite Aid is kinda cool, the manager use to play a lot of D&D back in the day so he let our group ring up a total of 15 coupons between the 5 of us... So if you do a lot of tabletop gaming this is a great deal for paper... And if your Rite Aid isn't as nice as ours then well 2 free notebooks is still cool and I think you could try taking one coupon in daily if you want. So happy gaming :3


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