Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gaming with cats...

Ok so Not sure if I mentioned it before but I currently have four kittens (two of which I sadly need to re-home soon T_T)  Anyways I have found it can be quite hard to play games (or type or watch and/or read stuff) on my computer as the kitties seem to think that the computer was invented just for them to sleep on... Or in the case of the one kitten... It was made to play with (I was sitting in Halfhill working on my cooking skill some, well there was this druid afk beside me in bird form... my kitty decided to try to catch the birdie :3 )

So I just thought of this yesterday and decided to give it a try today... Happy to say my laptop has been kitty free all day :D

So yesterday I was looking over the character picture generator I had mentioned before when it hit me...

Ribbon and bells!!

So I dug through my random convention craft stuff and happy to say I had enough ribbon and bells left over from the catgirl costume I made a few years back...

Anyways I took about 30 to 32 inches of ribbon and tied 2 bells to one end (one silver and one gold) then at the other end I made an adjustable knot at the other end (kinda like a hangman's noose)

I then slipped the "noose" over my right arm and tightened it... Now everytime I move my mouse my arm moves a bit making the ribbon/bell toy move... As a result they played happily with the new "toy" most of the day!

Bells toy should only be used as a temporary distraction for over active kitties and not substituted as "actual play" with your kitty as they do need lots of attention :3


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