Monday, August 19, 2013


So a friend of mine sent me a link earlier today for this site called nerdblock

So apparently it works just like lootcrate. You pay a monthly subscription fee of about $20 (plus like $9.50 shipping) and they mail you these packages each month that has random stuff in it from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and other companies... But unlike lootcrate, nerdblock also throws in a tee shirt each month...

I haven't subscribed yet but after looking over the page I do plan on it... Best part I love about it so far is the tee shirt sizes (they range from small all the way to 4xl). I have a friend who's number one complaint about most "geeky" shirt sites is they don't carry any of "the good shirts" in his size so I'm pretty sure he is going to love nerdblock once I tell him about it simply because they have his size :3


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