Monday, August 26, 2013

MLP... Employment is Magic... A bronies tale!

So there once was this little bronie named Joseph whom was in need of a job... He searched high and low in pony land yet sadly there were no jobs to be found. This saddened bronie Joseph... So he went to talk with his good friend Rainbow Dash who advised her favorite bronie that though employment is magical it takes more than a flick of a tail to get. Rainbow Dash sat bronie Joseph down and taught him about the magical job granting paper that is known as a resume... This is what they came up with...

Bronie Joseph was set to continue his quest for the happiness that a job would create. Joseph wondered high and low on his quest yet sadly there were still no magical jobs to be found... That is until he wondered into the evil lair of one very bad pony. Joseph did not know that the pony he was meeting was infact evil so he left the pony a copy of his magical job granting paper... Now this pony was infact not just an evil pony... No this pony was infact a mean pony too... This pony laughed at Joseph once the poor unsuspecting bronie left. This pony was so mean it decided to further humiliate bronie Joseph by posting a copy of his magical paper on the big scary thing known as the internet...

How will things work out? Does bronie Joseph know what the other pony did? Will he ever find that ever so elusive happiness inducing magical job? Tune in next time to MLP Employment is Magic to find out!


Now I don't know if Joseph is real or not but if he is... First off I'm sorry about the story I found the picture on facebook and couldn't resist...Second off next time you do a resume try to keep it simple, some people can be jerks about it and post it on the internet (as whom ever this copy was given to)... And lastly best of luck on your job search I hope you find something you enjoy as much as MLP (that isn't a joke... really. A lot of people get stuck in jobs they seem to hate for very long time so I do hope you find something you enjoy!)


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