Monday, August 26, 2013


So sometime back I saw this question floating around... Someone had asked if people got upset that fictional character who were the same age as them had went on such magical adventures and that the real people haven't gotten to... Anyways I saw the answer to this today and I must say I loved it!

 The answer that was give was this... What do you mean?  You went on all of those adventures with them, didn’t you?

That is the best answer ever in my opinion...

I helped some dwarves take back their gold! I've traveled to the heart of Mordor! I grew up with Harry, got and education at Hogwarts, fought the most evil wizard of all times! I entered the games with Katniss! I battled the gods with Percy! Heck I've even played the game of thrones!

I was there for every step of every adventure... Too many to list... And yet my adventure is far from over! Even when I am old and grey and have difficulty moving I will still adventure into the great unknown!


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