Friday, July 26, 2013

My thoughts on Gamefly

So about a month ago I thought I'd give Gamefly a try. I had heard that they now had this "Unlimited PC play" and I figured what the heck for $15 a month. Since I currently have loads of free time I thought I'd play be playing anything and everything that they had.

Well I found out that the game selection is kinda limited as it is mostly older pc games (example Civilization IV, Assassins Creed, Bioshock) Which is still good but honestly I've played them before so I was a little disappointed but still very happy with it.

Sadly though I haven't been playing anything and everything... I keep getting drawn back to Civilization, I don't know what it is about that game but it still calls to me. I honestly think it may be the whole "You can conquer the world" aspect of the game... At this point I should try doing something hard on there like trying for a diplomatic victory (though that's not likely to happen anytime soon ^_^" )

So the nice thing about all this is, not only am I getting to download some older games I've kinda missed but I also get newer games in the mail for the same price. Best part about all this is, not only do they have games for the newer systems but they also have games for the xbox, gamecube and ps2. Only sad part about this mail system is sometimes there is a wait for the games on your Q (example I have Super Mario 64 for the DS at the top of my list but am still waiting for it... the past 2 times I've mailed back games this game has been out so I've had to be content with what they've sent me, which is normally the next game on my list.) Another sad part is they have a limit on the number of game you can have in you mail Q at one time (limit is a list of 50 which really sucks when you look thought their games and see 100s you wanna try but can only list 50 at a time. Honestly I think netflix spoild me on the whole Q thing seeing as when I was getting dvds from them I could stick like 500 items on my list :3 )

So anyways over all I think Gamefly is a good deal, and I like it. Sadly though it looks like the PC play is an ever changing list and I no longer see some of the games I had wanted to play but thankfully the game I did want I got and though Gamefly has removed them from the free list they still work :D

{insert shameless self plug here}
So if anyone would like to try Gamefly for 1 month free click the link below ^_^


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