Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Revenge is sweet :3

So some time ago I was wondering though Goldshire and somehow ended up over Crystal Lake... I saw a random Murloc happen by and I couldn't help remember the unending rage

I had for these guys who swarmed my poor level 4 warrior back those few years ago and killed her when I was still pretty new to World of Warcraft. So I couldn't help but land my level 90 paladin in the center of these annoying little creatures and pop off a couple consecrations... Now I'm not going to lie but it felt really good to see those little buggers just hit the ground without having to touch them... Plus in the end  of my little revenge spree I ended up walking away with 2 whole stacks of clam meat, some linen cloth, and a few low level gems. So I got some very sweet revenge and plus made about 50 gold on the auction house. I know some will say that isn't much gold when you compare it to the gold that come from the Pandaren dailies but it was still a nice little repayment for my poor little warrior (who is now setting at level 86 and I really need to try and finish soon )


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