Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Star Trek roommate maybe? Part 2

Ok so a few days ago I posted about how one of my friends asked me about if I could have any one character from Star Trek the original series as a roommate who would I pick... Well around about 2 or so hours ago we had a "follow up" on that question...

This time her question was "If you could live with any Next Generation crew member of the Enterprise who would it be and why?"

This time I gotta go with Guinan. Personally I think she would make the best roommate for me... Well not just me but anyone for that matter. Honestly I didn't feel this really needed much explanation but she felt it did so...

How best to explain my choice?

I honestly don't think I really can sum up why I chose Guinan as easily as I could Spock (though I don't share the same level intelligence as he I still felt that we could share many of the same interests and also I think he would be a great guy to have around simply because how accurate his calculations/timing is, and I would really love to just sit around listening to whatever subject he currently found fascinating)

But if I had to sum it up I'd say simply because she is a great listener... gives great advice... has some interesting hobbies and as a bartender I bet she could mix some killer drinks (though I don't drink but I'm going to bet she knows quite a few good non-alcoholic drinks as well.)

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