Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Ballad of Charlie Mops

So after what seems like forever I finally gotten The Bard's Tale again... It was on sale on Steam for $2.49.... Well sadly (or not depends on how you look at it :3 ) after install...
I, the ever so dashing bard made my way into the town of Houton where in I "wasted" a good 2 or so hours (real time :/ ) in my most favorite bar in the world The Drunken Rat. Earlier that day I had decided to meet up with some of my friends... Well when I arrived it looked as if the louts had started the party without me. That was ok by me though I had other things to attend to first... So after sometime and doing a few chores for the lovely barmaid out of the kindness of my heart I finally settled in with my mates and rewarded myself with a pint of Charlie Mop's finest beer... My friends and I raised a toast to the ever so noble Mr. Mops...

So all you lads and lasses, at eleven o'clock you stop... For five short seconds, remember Charlie Mops!

Ok I think after about 2 hours of this song I probably should maybe move on with the game some... But then again one more round shouldn't hurt >.< 


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