Friday, February 27, 2015

Gabe Jones Missing From Agent Carter Show

So as some of you may know I spend a great deal of time on tumblr... Much more than I really should to be honest. One of the things I have seen making rounds is the fact that Gabe Jones has not yet appeared in Marvel's Agent Carter. I for one am glad that they have not included him and this is my reason...

So about three to four episodes into the show people started complaining about the lack of Gabe Jones and the fact that he and Peggy had a relationship. Unlike the many on tumblr who are saying that he needs to be included in the show right away I don't think he needs to be in there for at least another couple of seasons. My reason?

The show starts out with Peggy and her job at the SSR. We got about 3 episodes in before people started calling for a relationship for our lead lady. People were calling for Gabe Jones. Now my issues are this, I have nothing against Gabe but he does not belong in this show (not yet anyways).

Based on what we have seen in the show so far it suggests that it has not been that long since that long since Steve has disappeared.At this current point in time Peggy is shown to be still coping with that fact, so bad idea introducing a love interest this early on. This is later confirmed in the season final with it being about a year after Steve.

Secondly there is the whole pesky issue of the fact that their relationship didn't really start until after they were reunited when they were serving in S.H.I.E.L.D... Currently Peggy is still working for the SSR. Yes they met during WWII when Gabe was a member of the Howling Commandos but they didn't get together until later. Some may argue that maybe they kept in touch over the years, and yeah, maybe they did but that still isn't reason enough to try to speed along a relationship that we all know is coming later on...

Really people, give Peggy some time to find herself before you desperately try to drag in a relationship that isn't meant to happen for another few years... It will happen. I understand that a show with a strong female lead without a love interest is a strange concept for some people but really, three episodes is too short of a time. Yes Peggy and Gabe were one of the first interracial couples, and that is great, I understand people want to see that but this is Marvel, we can't just pick and choose from the timeline and try to make it all fit in one season... If that were the case we would have no need for a season two or three or more, and that would just suck. So with all of that being said hopefully fans will back off and quit demanding that the writers hurry up and stick in a love interest for Peggy. Gabe should show up eventually, it just isn't his time right now though. Be patient, it is worth the wait people.


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