Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Aquaman

This is the story of how Aquaman turned me into a hypocrite...

I have never been a fan of Aquaman, honestly I never could get into the comics and I found him to be quite boring and he sounded pretty useless. If I had to pick a superhero movie/show/comic that I would never consider watching or reading it would be Aquaman hands down... That was until yesterday.

What changed? Yesterday I came across the announcement about Jason Momoa being the new Aquaman. With that little announcement I suddenly wanted to see Aquaman.

So how does this make me a hypocrite? For years, I have not been too happy with women who only show interest in a comic book movie or show just because the character is being played by a "hot" actor. The reasoning for this is because females like myself often have to deal with the sexiest bull shit of the male fans when we are actually interested in the character.

A good example is, I have always been a fan of Captain America, so when I learned that there was to be a Captain America movie needless to say I was beyond excited... Opening day came, I went to see the movie. Got in the theater, found a seat. Suddenly the guys behind me start bitching about how the only reason I was there was because of Chris Evans and I probably wouldn't even understand the plot because I would be too busy fawning over Evans. I was not very happy and promptly turned to verbally rip the jerks behind me a new one. Before I could say anything, in walks a group of girls laughing and giggling about how hot Chris Evans looks in that costume, one of the guys behind me basically mutters "point proven." How I grew a quick dislike of those girls when they sat in front of me and turned to ask me if I was there to see Chris too. I will admit by that point I was pretty annoyed so I ended up being much ruder than I had intend to be. I ended up yelling at both groups, the girls for giving actual female fans a bad name, not all of us were there to see Chris Evans in a tight costume, that some of us were fan of the Captain long before they decided to stuff some pretty boy in the suit. I then rounded on the guys and proceeded to tear them the new one that I had been wanting to for the past ten minutes.

When I was done with both groups I walked out of the movie. It had not started yet but at that point I didn't want to spend the next few hours with those people. So I talk to the girl who was working and told her what had happened, I asked if there was any way I could pay the extra to change my ticket from the matinee to an evening and come back then. She said she would have to talk to the manager but she was sure the manager would let me as the same thing had happened to her when she came in to watch Thor. So the manager let change my ticket to a night one, so I pay the extra $2 to come back in a few hours. Few hours later I went back and finally got to see my movie in peace. I was happy that I got to see it but I was still pissed over what had happened a few hours earlier.

Things like this has always annoyed me. I have had a small amount of dislike for people who only become "fans" because the character is hot. It is part of the reason female fans have to deal with the whole "fake geek girl" crap from some of the male fans.

Now it seems like I have become one of those girls... I dislike Aquaman but I find this version hot as hell. So what does this mean for me? Will I become one of these girls who goes into the theater swooning over Jason Momoa?

The answer to that question is no. Sure I find this Aquaman hot but it does not mean I will be digging up $8 to go and drool over him in theaters. As someone who has dealt with problems from something like this in the past, I will not go and become one of these "fans" who makes the real Aquanman fangirls look like they are only there to stare at Jason Momoa's ass for two hours.


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